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Click here to download a printable flyer with these instructions.
[This requires Adobe Acrobat, download here]

We offer these exciting benefits:
  • Turn your kids' clutter into CA$H !!
  • Semi-annual event in Charlottesville since 2000, this sale is bigger and better each time, offering great deals on high-quality new & gently-used children's clothing, toys & books, baby equipment & furnishings, maternity and much more!
  • With the barcode tagging system, our consignors keep 55% of the SALE price.
  • Featuring new boutique clothing & closeout samples at savings of 40% and more!
  • Highest quality in new & gently-used children's clothing, featuring Osh Kosh, Laura Ashley, Gap, Kelly Kids, Gymboree, LLBean, Lands' End, Orient Expressed, Animals, Polo, Petit Bateau, Rothchilds, Mulberribush, Ragsland, Little Me, Levis, Old Navy, Simi, Florence Eisman, American Eagle, Aeropostale & Many More!
** You do not need to consign in order to shop! **
Items You May Buy / Sell

** Only bring your best & price to sell ! **

  • Children's Spring / Summer clothes, boys & girls - Infants through 16, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Teen girls, Easter wear, brother/sister outfits, gymnastics and dance wear, dress-up costumes, Boy/Girl Scout uniforms, school uniforms, Karate uniforms, blue jeans. No "free" t-shirts.
  • Dress shoes, slippers & boots only in almost-new condition (no worn/stained shoes.)
  • Baby equipment & furniture - cribs, strollers, high chairs, shower gifts & accessories (like picture frames & collectibles), baby & children's furnishings & decor, car seats (3 years old or newer, due to safety standards), breast pumps, diaper bags, etc.
  • Toys/Sports Equipment - educational & large toys, i.e. Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Discovery Toys, Lego, Brio. All toys must be in excellent condition and clean, with no missing parts.
    (We do not accept any board games, non-wooden puzzles or bags of miscellaneous stuff.)
  • DVD's, CD's, Videos, DVD/Video Games & Books - children's only in like-new or new condition.
  • Ladies maternity clothes, current season & styles only!
  • You may consign any item in excellent condition that has to do with children.
** All toys & equipment MUST BE IN **
How It Works (for our consignors)
  1. Register as a Consignor
    • If you would like to become a Lollipop Shop consignor, please click here to request a consignor number.
    • If you are already a consignor, no need to re-register each sale. Your consignor number stays the same all Lollipop Shop sales.
  2. Prepare Your Sale Items
    • Materials you need: WIRE hangers, large safety pins, 3x5 index cards, labels or cardstock for printing sale tags.
    • All clothes must be on WIRE hangers (use safety pins for pants, skirts, belts, etc. & attach to top of the hanger.) When looking at garment, the hanger should look like a question mark (as shown in the example below). Do not use straight pins or clothes pins.
    • Clothes MUST be washed & ironed.
    • You may combine & price multiple items together. (Example: 3 girls short-sleeve Gap t-shirts pinned together to one hanger with one tag on them describing 3 items.)
    • Shoes should be tied together by shoelaces (not boxed.) Attach shoes & boots together with curling ribbon (the kind used for gifts that you can curl with sides of scissors). Then attach tag with large safety pin through shoelace eyes. Non-tie shoes put in large ziploc bag with card secured to outside of bag.
    • For toys & equipment, put all loose pieces in a ziploc bag & include batteries with all toys where required. If batteries must be provided for you, the battery cost plus a $3 service fee will be deducted from your consignors check.
    • You may put like books together (same reader level or same/similar themed books). Books should be sealed in ziploc bag with tag inside on books, then securely seal the top of ziploc bag with packing tape.
    • Use plastic wrap to secure wooden puzzles together, then use packing tape to attach tag to outside of plastic wrap.
    • Check all CD's, DVD's and videos to make sure correct item is inside & seal with clear packing tape.
  3. Tag Your Sale Items
    • Log in to our Barcode Tagging System to create your barcoded labels for each of your sale items.
    • No items under $2.00 please. All prices should be whole dollars only. You may group multiple similar items together.
    • Attach a 3x5 index card (with your barcoded label) to each of your sale items. Cover safety pin with packing tape to secure.
    • You MUST safety pin a 3x5 index card to RIGHT SHOULDER when looking at the garment and indicate the following:
         - a barcode
         - a brief description, including color
         - a numerical size
         - the price of the item (whole dollars only)
         - upper-right, your consignor number (contact us for your #)
      Example below:
  4. Drop Off Your Sale Items
    • All clothes items must be separated by boy/girl and sizes to assist with sorting. Use twist-ties or cover with large plastic bags (like dry cleaner) to transport.
    • Bring a self-addressed STAMPED ($0.42) envelope so we can pay you. We will have a Lollipop Shop return address stamp available.
    • All consignors, please bring 1 new book or toy (for Toy Lift) and 1 can of food (for Food Bank).
    • When dropping off items, make sure to complete a "Hold Harmless Agreement" & get appointment time to shop early on Consignor Shop Day.
  5. Pick Up Your Unsold Sale Items
    • After the sale, if you do not collect unsold items on the Pick-up Day, we will donate them to local charities. Please check the schedule for the date & time for picking up unsold items.
  6. Receive Payment for Your Sold Items
    • You will receive a check in the mail (in the self-addressed stamped envelope you provide) for all of your items sold during the sale
      • March sale: checks mailed on April 30
    • Each consignor will be charged a $10.00 consignor's fee, which will be deducted from your consignor's check.


Barcode Tagging System
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